Hi. My name's Emily Sasaki. I'm a Concept Artist and Production Associate in Los Angeles, CA.  Currently, I'm working with Netflix Animation as a Character Designer! But I've worked all across the entertainment industry, with companies like Disney Imagineering, Marvel Studios and Sony Animation. Most recently I worked as a character and prop designer on two shows with Floyd County Productions. My two favorite areas to work in are character design and production, for very similar reasons; I like how technical they are! The gritty detail work is what I like to hone in on with any design or spreadsheet. As a designer, I find my production experience is a clarifying advantage. It lends additional foresight into how my designs can make the production smoother down the road, in other departments.  As a producer though, the long game is what I have in mind. In my own experience, finding ways to incorporate the human side of our industry into our schedules and workloads produces the best and most productive environments. I work with the people in mind. When I'm managing a production or a team, I find that taking care of your peers tends to lead to creating something amazing. It's important to me as a producer that things run smoothly and fairly, no matter what the project. 

     Animation is my industry, I'd love to spend my life exploring the projects and people within it. It's a community I protect and cherish because I believe in its potential to be something special.


        I've worked throughout a variety of pipelines, in production,  character and prop design, 2D layouts, backgrounds and storyboarding. As a producer and as a designer, I work hard to bring projects to the next level in order to create something special that audiences around the world can connect to. As a result, I've designed on unique projects throughout my career and use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, AfterEffects, Storyboard Pro, Harmony, TVPaint, Maya and Zbrush. Please reach out if you have any questions!